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Updated: Oct 3, 2018

Have you ever thought about where that delicious homemade chicken dinner with the side of broccoli and rice came from? Well unless you have chickens in your backyard and grow broccoli and rice, then you most likely bought it from the grocery store! Now how did it arrive to the grocery store? Well it arrived through transport! Yes more than 90% of products used and consumed by the general population today rely on the use of a market or grocery store. Knowing that grocery stores cannot magically produce the products you need, they in turn rely on the ongoing shipments from farmers and manufacturers that supply these products. The bridge between the major retailers and the creators of the product is where the transportation companies come in relying on truck drivers who haul freight working night and day to deliver products worldwide. So the next time you enjoy a nice dinner or go shopping just remember the truck drivers that continuously play a major role in delivering products to you!

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